It’s time to say goodbye to tape….but

Video tape is large, can wrinkle, and is problematic to email. We’re digital now folks. It should have been gone long ago. But we need to agree on it’s replacement.

The problem with file-based media is simply the wide variety of file based media. Is it Quicktime? Ok, fine…Quicktime. 422? What audio spec? How many channels? Just open up Final Cut and look at all the parameters you need to set. We need to standardize. Or pick 2 or 3 and go with it.

Then we need to make it small. I’m hoping in short order compression technology will develop so that my 5 minutes of Pro Rez is not 5 gigs. It’s not so much the hard drive space as it is the transfer speed. Be it hard drive to hard drive or KiPro drive to Dropbox, if it takes longer than hitting “eject” and the media landing in your hands, it’s taking too long.

But video tape does make a better door stop.