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San Francisco + Lunch + Outside + Mission Street + iPhone = blog post.



What to do in Monterey? There’s an app for that.

[Updated…because newer is better]

I spent the weekend in Monterey, California. Great tourist town (think “Aquarium“) and the hotel I stayed in had the usual tourist book. Inside was an ad for a mobile app…with a QR code. Geek porn.

Explore Monterey appExplore Monterey is a great idea. Integrating events, some Google maps and some location services. Decide on a catagory, let say “Outdoor Activities” and up comes a list. Fantastic. First thing I looked up, “Dinning.” It lead me to the fantastic Paris Cafe.

The “What’s Near Me” button was next. But pressing it calls up a Google map cluttered with pins and no indication as to where you are on the map. A better plan would be to have a filter so I could choose “Outdoor Activities Near Me”. The “Outdoors” category just returned a series of text pages. I would have liked a map, reviews, pictures. The web is more than text. Also, boxes that say things like “index.html” indicate this thing looks more beta.

Still, having this advertised in the hotel room tourist book, with a QR code at the ready, they could not have made this easier to try. I look forward to them working out the execution for this concept, and seeing it everywhere. I Googled for San Francisco and found this one, for $2.99, and this one for free. As well as this sort of “uni-app”¬†of multiple cities.