How Kevin Rose Made Me Hate Twitter

Ever look down at your cars odometer and notice it says “100,000.5”. Rats! Missed watching it roll over to 100,000! Then you start thinking about well, maybe if you go backwards….oh that never works. A milestone missed. That happened to me, except not with the car but with Twitter.

I don’t use to tweet because, well, it sucks. I use Hootsuite for Mac, iPhone, iPad. There is something that Hootsuite lacks and Twitter gives you…how many tweets you’ve sent. I looked yesterday and it was 10,016. Damn. Missed the rollover. I thought about deleting…oh that never works. A milestone missed.

I was an early user of Twitter. When I started, there were few people to tweet and no one really knew what to do with it. The page was the simple sentence “What are you doing?” and a text entry box. People answered the question…unfortunately. Around the time I started, so did Kevin Rose. His tweet “I’m having a burrito” proved to me that Twitter was the stupidest thing on the planet. Kevin seems like a nice guy, I met him when he came to Current TV, I watched Diggnation. But still. Really?

That was over 10k tweets ago. Twitter has changed and I figured out what I want it to do for me. And I don’t see many tweets from Kevin anymore.


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